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Keeping it simple & the discovery of a love exhibition

We planned the Khoi San Cave hike for Saturday 28th July but circumstances changed and we found ourselves simply enjoying being together again while taking a hike along the Grenadendal river. It meandered into the most beautiful gorge while a deep blue sky hung overhead and we were warmed by the sun. Lawisson took up […]

Eco-Ed in the Garden of Eden

We met with Eco-Ed, a group who run nature based education programmes for children in the forests between the village of Knysna and the town of Plettenberg Bay. We wanted to share ideas and discover how and why they run their lessons and in particular do they successfully engage with adolescents from different ethnic groups. […]

Rap and gifts in action

The night market is an informal gathering outside Via’s restaurant in the main road of Greyton intended to bring the community joyfully together in a night of delicious healthy food as well as to raise awareness about Transition Towns. This Friday night the 6th July Joseph lovingly played guitar and Charles and I decided to […]

Fundraising and tree-planting

Mind maps and fundraising An opportunity arose for the Eco-crew to sing their Eco-rap song at the night market at Via’s in Greyton. This Friday night! Charles decided that a part of creative leadership skills could involve fund raising and that it is an important skill for the group to learn. After brain storming possibilities […]

An Alien Adventure

What we did and how it happened… Today was a turn around of the teenager’s energies and we all went home, as the sky was darkening- tired but satisfied. We spent the morning clearing alien tree species from the river bed (probably over 100) and then learnt how to mix nutritious soil for Spekboom and […]

Dissertation Frustration

Voicing some early frustrations of the Holistic Science thesis process. I wondered who else has gone through this. At Schumacher a visit to the snack room would have allowed me this dialogue. Now I just have a laptop in a hut on a farm…. One session with Phillip or Stephan would have short circuited this […]

A night out singing with the Country Conquerors.

Song, celebration and a message unite Since Marshall, our medicine plant guide, and Rian, the permaculture-green-finger-expert, are both members of the Country Conquerors, the teen’s ‘Eco rap’ song soon reached their ears. This is in a way, a romantic story of how the love of the land and all things green blends it’s way into […]